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Jeannie's Kitchen Garden

The home of award-winning preserves handmade in Cumbria, supporting Hospice at Home. Lovingly made using fresh, high-quality ingredients, many from my own Kitchen Garden, I aim to preserve, enhance and intensify the natural beauty of the flavours with ‘Absolutely no Additives’.

Just by chance I passed your stall on Friday and picked up some of your delicious Best Blackcurrant Extra Jam. After tasting it at breakfast this morning, I had to come back for more, so I’m ordering online!

Stephen, Cheshire

Just like to say that of all the piccalli I have tried, which being a fan of the stuff is quite a lot, yours is the best by a long way. It's absolutely lovely so thank you.


To be honest, breakfast without your Best Blackcurrant Extra Jam is not complete. I love it! Pieces of blackcurrant and sour taste is exactly what I like - reminds me of my childhood.


As a self-confessed foodie who loves artisan produce... the Really Raspberry Extra Jam is magnificent, nice and sharp with a true flavour of raspberries.


I am an absolute fan of your Piccalilli! I get through inordinate amounts of your wonderful recipe.


Absolutely Fab Pear, Fig and Walnut Chutney. Not at all the ordinary stuff we were expecting!!


I picked up some of your Limited Edition Festive Fig and Plum Chutney and it was so, so good. Best chutney I've had.


We all love your jam. We could really do with some more. I’m afraid no other jams will do.


Huge thanks for the super speedy parcel of the best marmalade on the planet! Breakfasts and hot crossed buns (with grapefruit marmalade, of course!) will be my delicious treats, lucky me.


I bought some at Sedbergh market. It is WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for making it so good.


Best Piccalilli ever, Mate!